This article is about how to get the most out of your real estate marketing budget as a realtor. Let’s face it as a realtor your paying for it. Many realtors stop short aftering hiring a drone company to capture aerial estate photography for their listing. Most will just post photos & drone videos in their MLS listing. However there are other actionable items you can do to capture buyer prospects.

Here Are Some Do’s & Don’ts of Real Estate Drone Photography.

  1. Don’t just stop at the MLS listing. There are many email marketing services like BombBomb you can use that will insert your video and drone photos directly into your email. Realtors who use these services have seen a large increase in response rates for their Luxury Estate Listings.
  2. You get what you pay for. If you have worked hard enough to get a luxury listing spend the money for a professional drone photographer. For listing over $800k or more don’t hire your nephew who got a drone for Christmas. Home owners of luxury estates are rather particular and deserve to be so if they expect you to get their home sold. Professional drone companies charge from $350 & up depending on what your needs are including just images or video footage too? Editing and the quantity of images.
  3. Don’t wait to long. Many realtors will wait on footage as part of a last resort if their listing is not getting enough action. Hire a drone service sooner than later primarily before the listings. This will ensure Days on market stay low and the sellers are happy with listing results.
  4. Not using drone footage for commercial real estate listings. Commercial listings are a great opportunity to use a professional drone service. Commercial real estate photography can really highlight the surrounding location area, the size of the structure & amenities if applicable. It’s a well made allocated portion of your marketing budget for faster sales and better prospects.

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